Jennie Halsall Consultants have been working with Danilo for over 15 years as Public Relations consultants and sometimes even acquisitions. We are responsible for all those lovely picture spreads that you see in the national news papers from August through until Christmas, the Radio plugs and the TV coverage – it’s the busiest time for promotion. We also look after all the product placement on TV shows from Graham Norton to any quiz show, or a drama that has a calendar on the wall! All must have a signed contract before they transmit the programme. Look out for the calendar in the new series of Strike Back!

We also aim to publish a top twenty calendar chart every November to tell everyone who is winning the calendar sales war; it’s no surprise that One Direction have topped our chart for two years running, but even 1D haven’t sold as many as Cliff Richard, who has issued an official calendar every year for over 30 years and is still as popular as ever.

We are excited about 2014..........


For all TV, Radio or Press enquiries for editorial, please contact:

Jennie Halsall Consultants
Tel: 020 8741 0003